About SofaRef

What should I do in this situation? There’s a SofaRef for that.

We could always use an impartial person we don’t know to help us make a decision fast. SofaRef is the fun and interactive Social Networking App connecting people around the world anonymously.

What should I have for dinner? Which is the prettiest dress? How can I solve this problem? There’s a SofaRef ready to give their opinion at all times. Simply type your message, and we will send it to up to 10 random SofaRefs for them to intervene. All anonymous of course. All messages have a time limit of 10 minutes, so you should receive an instant response.

You are a SofaRef too! Check your inbox for the steady flow of questions coming in from other random, anonymous users, and provide your advice before the time expires. Get involved with SofaRef, the world’s only App connecting users anonymously to provide unbiased, instant advice and decision support.

Get in touch

At SofaRef, we value feedback- and we are keen to engage with anybody who interacts with our service. As such, we provide a number of different ways in which you can connect with us, and we welcome any enquiries you may have.

    Users can also contact us directly through the SofaRep App: